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Say Hello to the Next level of mattress production.

Our expertise in the mattress industry since the 1968 we have implemented to an all-in-one platform for mattress manufacturer.
Get quickly access to all your needs for the manufacturing process of mattresses.

How we simplify your Supply Chain for mattresses

Unrivaled Pricing

Our core value is to offer unrivaled pricing for mattress components on the market. the immense volumes and industry knowledge since 1970’s are allowing us to offer unrivaled conditions to our clients.

Unlimited Variety

We offer an exclusive range of products for your needs. With our 300+ partner all over the globe we provide the largest Product portfolio for mattress manufacturer. From a screw to Heavy machinery.

Efficient Logistics

We focus on sustainable logistics and taking the next step. We enable our customers to Get all their needs for mattress production from one Source and optimize the logistics operations.

Control more, compete better

  • Best price guarantee

  • Exclusive product portfolio

  • Complex supply chain simplified

  • World-class product quality

  • Trusted by hundreds of mattress companies

Together, we turn materials into comfort

Wire Rod

Best quality high carbon wire rod for wire drawing lines.


The finest wire for springs, helical and border frame.


Bonnell springs, zig zag springs, butterfly springs.

Spring Units

The widest variety of bonnell spring units and pocket spring units.


Hard felt, soft felt, thermobond felt, white wadding.


Soft foam, high resilience foam, visco foam, latex foam, rebonded foam, cool gel foam.


The widest product portfolio for fascinating mattress fabrics. Unique designs for mattresses from tomorrow.


A variety of mattress and pillow covers. Define your own composition for your customized mattress cover.


The strongest solvent-based, water-based and hotmelt adhesives for bonding all kinds of mattresses.


TDI, MDI, Polyol and other chemicals for PU foam production.


Mattress handles, mattress labels, mattress tape, mattress ventilators.



Tape edging thread, quilting thread, tufting thread, labeling thread.

Mattress Packing

Mattress nylon packing, mattress boxes.


Clinching tools, clinching tables, staples, screws.

Bed Elements

Bed legs, bed slats, bed mechanism, gas spring.


Nonwovens are used for the production process of pocket springs.

Kraft paper

 Durable kraft paper for rollpacking springs and slabstock foam production lines.


Natural comfort with the benefits of wool and coconut fiber layer in mattresses.

Pioneer in mattress machinery

Bonnell Spring Machine

Advanced technology for manufacturing bonnell and pocket spring units.

Pocket Spring Machine

Advanced technology for manufacturing bonnell and pocket spring units.

Mattress Production Line

State-of-the-art mattress production lines including glueing machines.

Quilting Machine

High-performance single needle and multi needle quilting machines.

Mattress Tape Edge Machine

The next generation of mattress tape edge machines. The best machines for the sewing process of mattress tape.

Packing Machine

Packing machines and roll-packing machines for saving space during the logistics of mattresses.

Foam Production Line

Advanced block and continiouns PU foam production line, including foam cutting machines.

Mattress Wire Drawing Line

State of the art wire drawing technology for producing mattress wire in best accuracy and quality.

Other Machines

Sewing machines, clinching machines, wire straightening machines, filling machines, mattress testing machines, fabric cutting machines.

We’re here to uplift your mattress production.

We are working hand-in-hand with our global team of production manager wıth immensive technical expertise in every step of mattresses production process.

Our experience and offerings span from small efficiency improvements to largest foam production lines.

Small To Large

We offer budget-specific projects, applicable to any mattress production capacity.

Every Step Matters

We offer consultancy for your factory layout to improve production efficiency.

The Third Eye

We offer tailor made consulting and inspect every little detail of your mattress production.

We are always trusting the network of this platform, when we are looking for new supplier for our mattress and sofa production.

Janusz Kolenda, Sun Garden, Poland

This team is more than just a business partner for us, they are helping us with everything. Our partnership goes beyond business.

Daniel Bucur, Serenity Sleep, Romania

They have eliminated the complexity of procurement process for mattress manufacturer.

William Gomez, Colchones Eldorado

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In the complexity of manufacturing mattresses, we offer simplicity with consistent service, world class Materials and advanced Machinery.

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